Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Communal Downtown Provo Restaurant....

So Ann and I just got back from Communal.....literally the best new restaurant in downtown Provo! This restaurant is owned by the same guys who did Pizzeria 712 in Orem. Lets just say it does not disappoint! The food is amazing! The restaurant is this quaint 100 year old building they have completely transformed on the corner sandwiched between the Wells Fargo building and the new Zions building under construction.

They open this Friday to the my wife would say "Run....don't walk"

Check out Communal Here


sarah marie. said...

so glad you liked it!

Carol said...

Hello Adam, Carol Stahmann. Hey my brothers did all the tables, chairs, and more. Excited to Run!

Adam Harward said...

Carol....small world. How have you been? I'm sure you and John have your hands full with your little guy...well maybe not so little guy now.

It's cool to hear that your brothers were involved with Communal. I helped them with the property. Well keep in touch.


Jennifer said...

Adam, I just googled Communal and your blog is the first thing that came up! Pretty cool. Hope you don't mind me peeking at your blog.


Adam Harward said...'re welcome on my blog anytime!

Project Read said...

We love everything about Communal and can't wait to return for another wonderful experience in your lovely restaurant.Thanks for offering us a new, fun experience. And,it was very busy too. Longevity to you all!
The Bartletts