Wednesday, January 28, 2009

I said Aloha!

Don't you love when people yell at you "I said Aloha" and you awkwardly answer them back 
That is what I'm doing. 

So today we headed over to the Aloha Stadium Swap Meet they do this swap meet twice a week. You've never seen so many booths selling the same thing.

After the swap meet we headed up to the North Shore to grab lunch and check out the beach.  For lunch we went to the Grass Skirt Grill. Didn't blow me away but it was good not great but good. 

Saw this little guy while heading down to Matsumoto.  Now you might be thinking what is Matumoto and why were you headed there.  I can honestly say this was the highlight of the day.  If you are ever on Oahu you have got to get a shaved ice here.  Get it with the sweetened condensed milk and ice cream.


sarah marie. said...

you guys look so cute and loving ann's cleavage.

Erin said...

I knew you'd make it! how is ann wearing jeans and a sweater in hawaii while pregnant?

Anonymous said...

Oh it looks like you guys are having a great time! I'm so glad you posted...those shaved ice look the bomb!
Yum! Sweetened condensed milk...mmmm..mmmm...mmmm...

Mary said...

Yes, but have you sampled the Spam?!
I'm so glad you two are having a great time!