Saturday, November 08, 2008

The Termitinator

No job is too big for this little machine!  No really I spent the day on this bad boy leveling the top of the drive way.  I'm getting it ready for concrete.  We were given a shed and so I've been scrambling to get the concrete down so I can move the shed.....there will be a follow up post..... to be continued


Anonymous said...

okay that looks like the most fun! I (Marci) would love to be on that all day because then I know work is getting done. I love a good project! Tony might like to drive it for a second, too! You are doing great on your house and yard.

Auntie Ann said...'re a hard working man!

Silver J said...

Well look at you Mr. Landscaper.

Looks like quite a project.

Mary said...

I'm starting to figure out that you love yourself some heavy machinery!