Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Habitat For Humanity Needs Your Help

We need your help........if you've ever wanted to volunteer for something that makes a difference here is the easiest way I can think of for you to help.  All you have to do is click on the link register and enter your vote following the instructions below.  Just to give you an idea of what this could mean......Habitat for Humanity could win $116,000 that they will use to buy property to build homes for families in need.  That is two maybe three lots for homes.  You can vote once with every email address you have.  So have at it and tell all your friends.  You can make a difference and this couldn't be easier.

Wells Fargo is supporting HFH and giving you an easy way to show your support for us this Fall. They have selected Habitat for Humanity as one of three causes eligible to receive funds as part of their Someday StoriesSM contest.

From September 17 through November 10, visit CLICK HERE TO VOTE. Choose Provo's own Danny Gibbons as your favorite Someday StorySM finalist and vote for Habitat for Humanity as your favorite cause.

To register: Enter a username, our zip code 84058 (important!), your email address, make a password and enter the computer-generated code. Then vote for Habitat and Danny Gibbons, our local hero!

Wells Fargo will award $250,000 to the cause receiving the most votes. The second place vote-getter will receive $150,000, and the third place vote-getter will receive $50,000.

HFHI will distribute its award between the three Habitat affiliates generating the most votes during the campaign. The affiliate generating the most votes will receive 50% of Habitat's award; the second-place affiliate will receive 30%; and the third-place affiliate will receive 20%.

Take a minute and make your voice heard: VOTE FOR HABITAT FOR HUMANITY!!!

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