Sunday, September 28, 2008

Be Prepared

Ok so Ann and I went to a class this past week on being prepared (in case of an emergency) I don't really subscribe to living your life in fear but I think it's important to think through how you would deal with an emergency when and if you had to.

Saturday I put the put the top up on the Unimog to clean everything out.  It gave me a new appreciation for being prepared.  The Unimog would be perfect for an emergency. It would provide us temporary living quarters.
This was the first time Ann had seen the inside of the living quarters and let me tell you it was right up her alley.  I tried to talk her into a mock emergency test complete with sleeping out in the Unimog (not really)
This would be our living quarters in case of an emergency.  Pretty plush if you ask me.  Complete with sleeping quarters (heated), 100 gallons of water, fridge and a shower.

After a quick run through on emergency essentials the two of us drove up to Park City.  Provo canyon was beautiful.  The leaves are changing............I would highly recommend a drive up into the mountains to enjoy Utah's beauty.

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sarah marie. said...

that thing has a shower?! i've gotta see that.