Thursday, January 03, 2008

Old Pictures Moab 2007

I haven't downloaded my digital camera in a long time and came across all these pictures. I thought I would post on our trip to Moab, UT in March last year. It was a lot of fun! We have been going to Moab since I was in Highschool and it's been hit and miss on this trip for the past couple of years. Some of the group camped while others got a motel. I was so excited to have Ann with me because finally I could show her what Tina (my Landrover) could do. She's always giving me a hard time about how impractical my Landrover and I'm always defending her. Since when is practicality a big deal:)

In our car it was Ann and I and the Burchs. Ann and Heather were such good sports. I know Moab isn't exactly for everyone but the girls came and it was fun to have them with us.

Here is the first little drop off if we took. It feels worse than it looks and it was the first trail we went on. This is on Fins N Things.

Here is Trent (my brother in law) driving his new FJ Cruiser down a steep incline. The FJ did great with one exception, clearance. As you can see from this photo he's pushing a little sand.

Ann demonstrates the proper way to roast a PEEP.

Here we are just sitting around the campfire.

Day two involved some more difficult trails. The boys went out early and did Hell's Revenge which I don't have any pictures of and then we all went out to do Gold Bar Rim
On this obstacle Ann said "Ok if I'm ever going to overcome this I've got to stay in....she did (stay in that is)
You can see how steep this is. That's Trent sticking out his hand in case we tip backwards, as if that would do anything. This was a blast!
The look on Ann's face says it all
The relief after having made it safely up the obstacle.
I love this picture of Ann looking back.

The last day we went to Arches National park and hiked around. Needless to say it was hot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Amy said...

now...why were we not invited on this trip. (not that I would have wanted to come for anything other than the roasting of the peeps)

Jewels said...

How I love me some Moab! I am so going this year, I love those trips...ok, I've been on ONE of those trips, but I dug it and I fully intend on going back. So many pics to comment on, but I think my fave is the one where Jon has Morgan in the Baby Bjorn. Priceless. Oh, and who is the random sunbather in the background of that pic? This post made me a smidge's so fun going on trips with everyone.

Beesley Family said...

So much's fun to see your pic's you took.

Beesley Family said...

So much's fun to see your pic's you took.

Jen said...

that looks so fun! Do you ever get stuck? By the way i drove by your house today and saw your BIG truck is that even what you call that thing!??? It is HUGE!!!

Anonymous said...

this trip was a blast!