Monday, December 10, 2007

Commercial Real Estate Opportunity

I thought I would post this for anyone out there interested in buying some Commercial Realestate. My Dad built this park about 10 yrs ago so I know the history of it as well as rents.

I currently have one 1056 sq ft unit available for sale. The current rents on these units are $895 a month. The purchase price is $110,000. My office is located in the business park. This would be a great buy for someone wanting to step into the commercial real estate market without spending a ton of money. From my experience being a commercial landlord is the way to go. Your leases are typically longer term than residential, your roi is significanlty better and you don't have tenants calling you every other day with plumbing issues. One bathroom in the unit and no showers = less problems. The unit is only occupied during business hours = less wear on the unit.

Call me if you are interested and I can tell you what current rents are as well as history.

Adam Harward
O: 801.377.5600


Anonymous said...

This place looks pretty dilapidated, I would never rent there

Adam Harward said...

Ahhh Boots always got to be the funny man. I guess its ok that you don't want to rent there. We're full:)

Jewels said...

Do you realize that my husband doesn't even comment on my blog? Your topics must be way more interesting than mine. I'm sure you'll rent that place out in no time, those units are so nice.