Monday, November 26, 2007

I want to be more green

I went to a class down in Las Vegas and they talked about being green and ways that everyone can contribute. Here are ten ways:

1. Change your light bulbs to CFL (compact Florescent Light)
- Saves energy and money

2. Drive Less
- Use mass transit when available and walk/bike for short trips

3. Recycle More
- Buy recycled products (I sure wish these would come down in price. But as more people are aware and demand increases the price will come down)

4. Check your tire pressure
- The right tire pressure saves gas

5. Save Water
- Use a little less water

6. Be a minimalist
- Avoid excess packaging (cut your garbage by 10% and save 1,200 lbs. of carbon dioxide per year).

7. Adjust your thermostat
- Not too hot, not too cold. 76 degrees in the summer. 68 degrees in the winter.

8. Turn it off
- Shutting off electronic devices when not in use saves 1,000’s of lbs. of carbon dioxide per year.

9. Plant a tree
- Over it’s life a tree absorbs 1 ton of carbon dioxide.

10. Spread the word
- Encourage your friends and family to take steps towards a greener planet too!

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