Sunday, October 28, 2007

Halloween Party

The one thing I don't like about Halloween is trying to come up with a costume........I have such creative friends, it's not like you can fool them. They know when you've rummaged through your closet and thrown something together. This is my move every year and once again I managed to take my own clothing and turn it into something. This says a lot about my wardrobe. I told Ann that I have hit the age where I believe it is socially acceptable not to dress up anymore....I am 31.

This Years extensive costume

Last Years wardrobe swap

The Year we took home the coveted best costume award


sarah marie. said...

yay adam welcome! so excited to have some updates from your household.

Erin said...

does this mean you guys have your computer set up at home?
i'm looking forward to snooping around on your blog!

Jewels said...

Whatever! You are SO dressing up every year, mister. You look so great in eye liner, why would you deny your friends that little treat each Halloween?